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Fic: She Is 1/1

Author:thebigdisaster aka Rebecca
Word Count:2,888
Rating:R(for slight language)
Summary:“Because I saw you!” She yells and you just stop, “I will never make you feel like that. I will never be a major moment in your life. I’ll always be just Sam. Always Sam.”
Author's Notes:This is my first attempt at Seddie. Sam is kind of OOC in this story. I can't imagine her ever allowing herself to be this vulnerable, but it fit for this story. This is a one-shot. I'm testing the waters to see if you guys are receptive. I have a whole other story in the works if you like this one. Thanks to joel_garay for the quick beta. Luff you much!!

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Hey Guys this is my first post to LJ but i post alot on TV.com forums and in the Seddie discussion Some brought up the Do it For Daisey Vid and said that some one should do that for Seddie and then send it Dan soooo... although i can't start the vid until after i get back from vacation i did post a little present on youtube so you should all go and check it out!

Here is my newest Valentine themed story.Enjoy and review. http://jewel-2.livejournal.com/26999.html?mode=reply


Sam's feelings towards Freddie in "IHeartArt". Enjoy and please review


Seddie Kiss!

*points to userpic* Okay, if my new userpic isn't enough proof, and for anybody who doesn't know already, here are Seddie Spoilers for the episode iKiss:

cut for those who don't want to see spoilersCollapse )

watch full icarly episodes online!

I live in Australia and iCarly over here is still not even 3/4 through season one, but I have seen all the episodes.


Via http://www.iicarlyy.blogspot.com/ of course!

Nathan is also an Australian and he has taken the time to put links to all the iCarly episodes online on one page.
Every episode is up that has been shown in the US (from the time I write this, the newest episode is iHurt Lewbert) and it's totally free.

Check it out and don't forget to say thanks to Nathan in the shout out box!

PS: I also joined the iicarlyy forums which are a great place to chat about iCarly and the actors. :)

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everyone is welcome here, to post fanfictions, photos, episode reviews, fanart, pictures, articles...

just as long as it has to do with icarly and seddie!

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